ITMC Technology Co. Ltd

ITMC Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology service provider specializing in digital talent development, which adheres to the purpose of "serving schools,empowering businesses, and cultivating talents"with a commitment to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning, enhancing the reliability andvalidity of skills assessment. ITMC focuses on areas such as e-commerce, digital marketing, financial accounting, digitalmedia, information technology, and artificialintelligence, providing teaching products and solutions for schools, skills assessment services for corporate talent development, and training evaluation services for individual career development. Founded in 2007, ITMC is headquartered in Beijing,with 12 subsidiaries and one vocational training school. It has also establishedresearch and development centers in Beijing andWeifang, and has completed the filing of 7 provincial-level social training evaluation organizations. It itself is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and has always placed the construction of software development system in an important position, successfully obtaining CMMI Level 3 certification. In addition, in order to improve the level of enterprise information securitymanagement, ITMC has also obtained theNational Information Security Level 3 Protection certification. It always upholds the concept of "starting fromenterprise practice, and engaging in educational practice,"which focuses on the professional development in the digital economy field, providing comprehensive support for vocational colleges and technical schools, including but not limited to development of teaching resources,R&Dof experimental training equipment, teacher training, industry consultation and cooperation, research support, as well as student career guidance.